Youth Empowerment for Urban Development “Mainstreaming Youth in UN-HABITAT Programmes”


The approach of UN-Habitat’s Youth Empowerment Programme is to explore and demonstrate how youth-led initiatives can make a significant and unique contribution to accelerating the drive towards sustainable urbanization and achievement of the MDGs. This involves nurturing youth-led initiatives through: raising understanding by youth groups of critical urban issues affecting their lives, their future, and their rights; facilitating these groups to formulate their own action plans; and ensuring space and support for them to carry their plans forward to successful results.

Building on the success and lessons learned from its focus on urban youth over the past years, UN-Habitat has developed a strategy to ensure a focus on urban youth empowerment across the entire spectrum of the Agency’s programmes. The strategy sees a rights-based approach as fundamental to empowerment, with knowledge building as a primary ingredient.

Year: 2013

Languages: English

Themes: Youth, Social Inclusion       


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