The state of Urban Youth India 2013 “Employment, Livelihoods and Skills”


The report produced by IRIS Knowledge Foundation, Mumbai a member of the UN-Habitat Global Urban Youth Research Network, is a first attempt to pull together data and knowledge base on and of youth in urban India. With a number of commissioned chapters from well-known scholars, the Report examined youth employment and livelihood opportunities in urban India.

The findings from this report suggest that educational and training systems must be better aligned with the current and future needs of young people. The findings amply demonstrate that youth can not only discern developmental issues but may even be capable of suggesting innovative solutions to deep problems of development and growth. Of paramount importance is access to education and opportunities for acquiring skills. Young people are also quite clear about what makes a city safe and secure for the pursuit of occupations and livelihoods and what kind of an urban space they need to achieve prosperity in the context of sustainable urban development.

Year: 2013

Publisher: IRIS and UN-Habitat Global Urban Youth Research Network

Languages: English

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