The Real change-makers


Last week, UN-HABITAT has been invited to run its Youth & Urbanization workshop at CHRISC Kenya annual leadership camp in Rongai. 60+ youth leaders from all over Kenya came together for 5 days of non-formal learning through games and sport. At the end of it, they were not the only ones leaving inspired.


Our 9 hr workshop was packed with ideas and action! It was great to see how these young men and women challenged the system and their own mind-sets while addressing the most important issues affecting them daily in their local communities. Tribalism, drug abuse and insecurity were just few issues to be analyzed inside out.


For us, it was important to spend the time with these young people and listen to what they have to say. It is not enough to talk to young people that are able to travel to conferences. We need to reach out and work with youth that are mostly affected by these issues. After all, they face these challenges every day, their friends and peers live it every day. And with the right tools and help, these young people are the real change-makers in their communities.


We may have the power to push for change on the higher political level, but they have the power to change the things on the ground! So let us combine our efforts to address the youth urban challenges and make a real impact on the ground, not on paper.

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