Mayor of Quito, Mauricio Rhodes attends 'YoutHab' conference for Habitat III

In the morning of the 13th October, the Mayor of Quito Mauricio Rodas was part of the YoutHab conferences sponsored by groups, universities and several groups of young people, within the agenda of Habitat III. The conference was held at the National Polytechnic School.

This event was attended by Christian Lopez, CLIL/ YoutHab; Douglas Reagan UN-Habitat; Anja Minnaert FES-ILDIS; Ana Cristina Benalcázar of CLICL / YoutHab; Robert Wood CLICL / YoutHab and young people gathered to actively participate in this discussion group.

Mayor Rodas congratulated the youth for this initiative YoutHab and said it is an opportunity to incorporate the active participation of youth so that their ideas can be taken into account in the discussions that will be generated as a contribution this population sector for the implementation of the New Urban Agenda to be adopted in Quito for Habitat III.

“Certainly the more voices and more participation we have in these discussions we will have better elements to build a more respectful of human rights, a city that offers quality public services, a more democratic city where everyone can access spaces,  have first class infrastructure, booming economic development and social inclusion under a clear focus on respect for the environment, natural resources “, said Mayor Rhodes.

He stressed that all these issues are fundamental and the contribution of young people with their ideas will enrich the discussion tremendously important issues.

Mayor Rhodes confirmed once again that for two years the Municipality of Quito has been prepared for Habitat III and that the city is ready, it will be a very important opportunity to showcase the city through its extraordinary attractions include a city with a population welcomes visitors with open heart, with warmth, with the kindness that has always characterized the Quiteños.

It will also be the occasion for the capital present their vision on sustainable urban development, a city that constantly works to improve the quality of life of its citizens, with projects on sustainable mobility, protection of natural resources, mechanisms promoting economic development with a deep focus on social inclusion, and a city where freedoms are respected and the human rights of all people. And lastly a city that promotes cultural diversity.

“In short this is the vision that Quito will promote by 2040,” said Mayor Rodas, who took the opportunity to extend a warm invitation to all also enjoy the wide cultural agenda prepared by the Municipality of Quito in Habitat III framework thereof including the Festival of Lights and a wide range of fully free events.

“Let this be a party for all Quiteños, who can enjoy the event with their families in different places of the Historic Center,” said City Mayor Mauricio Rodas.

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