Youth Caucus – Monday – 20/04


Today at the Youth Caucus, we dedicated a bit of time to better understand the structure and dynamic of the Governing Council, and how young people could influence the process.
We heard from Douglas Ragan – Chief of the UN-Habitat Youth Unit, about the differences between the processes happening at the Plenary, the Drafting Committee, and the Committee of the Whole. Also the importance of taking the opportunity to meet and discuss with government representatives that are attending the GC the issues that are more relevant to young people, and the importance of including those issues in the different resolutions.
Jon-Andreas Solberg, also from the Youth Unit, did a quick recap of the resolution process, including the Omnibus Resolutions, and the importance of mainstreaming youth issues into those resolutions.
Tone Vesterhus, Youth Delegate from Norway, shared her experience as a youth delegate, as well as some information on the process so far. She particularly alerted us about two new resolutions being tabled by member states, about public spaces, that have direct connection with the youth agenda.
Lucia Kiwala, Chief of the UN-Habitat Partner Relations Unit, shared some of the opportunities for partner youth groups to play a more active role during the Governing Council, she recommended us to work together to have joint positions, and possibility making statements during the plenary sessions.
Finally, Chris Dekki, from the MGCY shared a bit of the experience in terms of the MGCY advocacy during UN events, and how they collaborate into drafting statements and sharing positions.

Urban Youth Empowerment and Ecological Safety Project – Steering Commitee Meeting – Monday 20/04

The Steering Committee of the “Urban Youth Empowerment and Ecological Safety Project” met in Nairobi today to review the progress of the project as well as to approve proposals for new programmes.  The Urban Youth Empowerment and Ecological Safety Project is a three year project jointly implemented by the United Nations Human Settlement Programme (UN-Habitat) and the International Ecological Safety Collaborative Organization (IESCO).  The project was launched in 2013 with a US$ 2,000,000 funding by IESCO with the aim to address issues of youth unemployment, poverty, ecological safety through the development of models and policies that will lead to the meaningful engagement of young people in the development of Cities in China and Africa.
The programmes under this project include;
a)        State of Urban Youth Report
b)        Youth Innovations and Entrepreneurship Awards
c)        Entrepreneurship and Ecological Skills Training
d)        Urban Ecological Safety Index;


Dr. Jiang the Director General of IESCO, was impressed with the project progress and reported that IESCO had finalized discussions with CDB Orient China to fund the Youth Innovation Awards Initiative. CBD Orient will provide funds totalling  USD 1,500,000 to go towards establishing a Youth Innovations nurturing centre in Beijing, hosting the Youth Assembly and the Youth Innovations Awards ceremony.

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