UN-Habitat One Stop Youth Center Model


The One Stop Youth Centre is a partnership between UN-Habitat and local governments. The model aims to provide a neutral space for young people, especially from marginalised urban communities, where they can interact with one another and with youth-serving agencies. The model recognizes that youth engagement and empowerment through training and capacity development is pertinent to addressing the challenges faced by young people such as employability. The centres therefore provide skills training that contribute towards building a pool of skilled and employable young labour force.

Since 2006 UN-Habitat has been facilitating the establishment of “One Stop Youth Centres” (OSYCs) in cities across Africa. OSYCs are managed in a manner that enables young people to constructively explore their own potential, where mentorship and information, training and counselling can be easily accessed.


Year: 2013

Languages: English
Youth, Social Inclusion
Branch/Office: Youth and Job Creation Unit

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