The State of Urban Youth Report 2012/2014


This Report builds on the 2010/11 edition, “Leveling the Playing Field –Inequality of Youth Opportunity” and its insights into the state of urban youth. Much like the findings of the previous report, this one provides further evidence of the fundamental importance of job oriented education to the development of urban youth. The report recommends a better match between skills and labour markets through vocational training and with the participation of the private sector. ‘Soft’ skills matter more in service-oriented economies, young people in informal settlements need entrepreneurial abilities, and capacities must be better geared to knowledge-intensive business services.

This report makes heard the voices of young people in four cities of Accra, Bangalore, Cairo, and São Paulo in the developing world. It puts forth their perceptions and opinions regarding their quality of life and their access to resources, including education, medical care, urban services, employment, and municipal institutions

ISBN Series Number: 978-92-1-133400-5

ISBN: 978-92-1-132504-1

HS Number: 089/12E

Publisher: UN-HABITAT

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