The 4th Asia Pacific Ministerial Conference on Housing and Urban Development (APMCHUD), Youth and IT in Sustainable Urban Development

More than half of the Asia-Pacific regions population is composed of young people. The region is experiencing quite a number of positive developments, but in the same measure also registers challenges amongst which are unemployment, poverty and increased population in informal settlements. Recognizing this, the Asia Pacific Conference on Housing and Urban Development adopted the theme ‘Youth and IT in Sustainable Urban Development’. Youth want recognition, meaningful employment and engagements in decision making processes. IT is becoming a very strong tool for connection, and the burning question is how ICT companies under the public-private partnerships can come up with modalities and take more social cooperate responsibilities in addressing short-comings.

Published: 2013

HS Number: 024/13E.

Pages: 45

Language: English

Branch/Office: Youth and Livelihood unit; Urban Economy Branch

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