Refugee Youth: Good Practices in Urban Resettlement Contexts


In current trends, the International System is facing a global refugee crisis. Being in an uncertain world, full of fear and experiencing the trauma of loss is the reality young refugees’ face. The question, how can this situation be transformed?

This study focuses on the best practices that can be used in the resettlement of young refugees in foreign lands. Varying from Language, gender, mental health, housing, employment, Art to sports; this paper reviews the current state of knowledge concerning good practices in welcoming refugee youth in the hope that host countries systems will employ informed and considered approaches in supporting refugee youth resettlement.

It is crucial for the refugee youth to live in a resilient, safe and inclusive environment as they have massive potential in contributing to the economic and social development of urban centres.

Published: 2016

Language: English

Branch/Office: Youth and Livelihood unit, Urban Economy Branch

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