Evaluation of the UN-HABITAT Youth Programme & Urban Youth Fund

The evaluation of the UN-Habitat Youth Programme was mandated by UN-Habitat Governing Council resolution 21/6, which, among other things, requested the Executive Director to establish the Opportunities Fund for Urban Youth-led Development, and undertake an evaluation of the operation of the special fund and to submit a report thereon to the Governing Council at its twenty-third session in April 2011. The main objectives ofthe evaluation were to assess the relevance of the work carried out by UN-Habitat with urban youth; to review the integration of youth issues in the normative and operational work of UN-Habitat; to evaluate the operations of the Urban Youth Fund; and to review the normative and operational performance of the youth empowerment initiatives of UN-Habitat.

Published: 2011

ISBN Series Number: 978-92-1-132028-2.

ISBN: 978-92-1-132405-1.

HS Number: 112/11E.

Pages: 60

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