3rd Public Space Biennale – Launch of the Toolkit


Launch of the Global Public Space Toolkit

Last day of the Biennale witnessed the launch of the Global Public Space Toolkit, a unique publication to help the local governments and service providers to improve the availability, quality and distribution of good public spaces. Often, public spaces are marginalized topic in planning discussions so having a document with various case studies, best practices, references and actionable ideas can be as useful for mayors and policy makers as for students, NGOs and interested individuals.

The importance of public space is undeniable, yet often underestimated. The challenge often starts with simple understanding of what public space is and who’s responsible for it. People should be aware of their role in creating and managing (or maintaining) public space; they should know that public space belongs to them, and thus strive to work together with the governments to have spaces socially acceptable for everyone. Governments cannot do the job alone, people cannot do the job alone, and private sector cannot do the job alone. Good governance and collaboration of all parties is a key to successful management of public spaces.

The toolkit will be a practical reference for local governments to frame and implement principles, policy recommendations and development initiatives on public space and for central governments to aid their efforts with material support and enabling legislation. It will also serve the purpose of demonstrating the value of the involvement if the citizenry and civil society in securing, developing and managing public space in the city.

This first editions aims to kick off the series of discussions around public space globally. With more input and changing policies and environment, the toolkit will be updated and altered to make it as relevant and appropriate as possible.



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